SourceLabs and DeviceWise

I think the idea behind SourceLabs is an excellent one which will eventually allow them to reap a lionshare of the profits generated by open source movement.

DeviceWise is a similarly innovative idea that I thought about some time ago.  Instead of each hardware companies writing their own software, DeviceWise writes software for peripheral  hardware companies.

By specializing in producing quality software, there is a good chance a company like DeviceWise can play a dominant role in the peripheral hardware market like the way Microsoft plays in the software market.  Why?  Because hardware companies write shitty software.  Over time, such a company can cultivate a brand that customers will want on hardware boxes.  The downside is that the company could end up being just another contract programming shop.

I would have started up DeviceWise if I didn't hate writing firmware and device drivers.  It's a mindbogglingly boring yet troublesome job.  When I did it ages ago, I wasted half of my time dealing with faulty hardware or arguing with hardware engineers.  Ever tried to debug software running on hastily soldiered together circuits?  Urgh.