Google Addict

I have grown to dislike Google, the company.  When I am in an unreasonable state of mind, I would even use the word 'hate'.  And I prefer to place the blame on Google, the company, because it's more comfortable there.  While they are great at 'unintended' PR, they have managed to foster hostility against them among geeks over the last couple of years just as Microsoft has done so over the last couple of decades.

Here is a nice takeaway soundbite:

I hate Google, but I am addicted to it.

Can the MSN Search team break my Google addiction?  Not if they keep looking at Google as a service instead of a highly addictive drug.  Google is worse than heroin because it's free and always available.  It's so bad that it's part of my daily language and I often find myself pushing it to family and friends.

You can't beat it unless you offer more powerful kicks.  The mindset that thinks in terms of features and algorithms is incapable of delivering those kicks.  Think designer drugs.  Think habits and addictions.

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