Technorati Result Quality

I was too tired to attend Technorati Hackathon, so here are some details behind my whining.  20 items in the first page of Technorati search result for my blog consist of:

  • 10 blogroll links (5 duplicates)
  • 2 update link (1 duplicate)
  • 8 post links (4 duplicates)

None of the blogroll links were new and I know when my blog is updated, so only the post links are of interest to me.

Getting 4 items of interest out of 20 is, politely speaking, not bad, but I can't help thinking that Technorati can do better, far better, than what I am currently getting.  I know that there are some underlying fundamental problems that must be solved and that they can't be solved by Technorati alone.  This is why I mentioned the need to ask for help from the community.


A related problem is Technorati-spamming which I haven't seen done yet but will surely happen.  That problem will be difficult to fix.