Abuse of Power

While the technologies of electronic goods have improved over the past decade, their quality have dropped to a point where it is not unusual to see things stop working after just a year.  It seems to me that analog and mechanical parts break down way before digital parts do: switches, latches, wires, power adapters, etc.

For example, AC power adapter for my laptop became unreliable in six months of use.  My typical yet odd state of being busy and lazy at the same time meant I would just wiggle the thing until it worked.  After three months of wiggling, it died.  In the course of trying to breath life back into it with ducktape, I found out that outter mesh of wires was torn somehow.

So I went to Fry's and got Targus universal AC adapter which came with a handful of 'power tips', each tailored for a particular brand or model of notebooks.  One of the tips worked with my laptop.  Again, after just a few months of use, I was back to wiggling to make it work and things went downhill from there to having to do an emergency surgery on the power tip at 3AM.

Once you open up something, it's open for good.  The power tip was designed wide for some unknown reason and was getting in the way of another port right next to the power port.  So I chopped off one of the sides and ducktaped the result.  Today, not the usual wiggling ritual would work so I did another surgery.

Afterward, I could see that there wasn't much life left in it so I ordered a couple more power tips as well as a spare power adapter.  While ordering, I found out that the power tip I had mangling into use was not the right one for my notebook.  Oops.  Feeling sorry, I gave it a name to apologize for my abuse of 'power'.

Here is Igor the Tortured Power Tip:

When Igor's replacements arrive, I will give it a decent burial at sea.  I am sure my gold fishes will make excellent tomb guardians.