Red Sox

Not being a baseball fan, I probably watch no more than a couple of baseball games in any given year, but this year I watched 8 consecutive ballgames.  That's right, I started watching after Red Sox lost the first 3 games to Yankees.  Why?  Because, if an amazing story was about to unfold, the fourth game against Yankees had to be the game where it starts and I had a feeling the impossible was about to happen.

One after another, I enjoyed the excitement and the thrill continue on until the happy ending tonight.  My thanks to Red Sox for the amazing 8 games and heartfelt congratulations to generations of Red Sox fans who persevered despite all those years of agony and frustrations.  They must have felt it as I have.  There was a smell of magic in the air throughout the eight games I watched and, tonight, even the moon winked.

I'll cherish those moments as I am sure all those who watched will.