P2P Turning Point

This is what is going on in the P2P world this moment.  BitTorrent is the king of P2P world.  BitTorrent download rate is one to two order of magnitude faster using BitTorrent than other P2P technologies.  For example, what typically takes a couple of weeks to download via eDonkey2000 takes only half a day to download via BitTorrent.

Unfortunately, torrents are not easy to find as other P2P technologies.  So if you want to download something in particular, you have to google around or find some BitTorrent search site.  Since BitTorrent is most effective at the very edge of what is hot and Google is not so hot in that space, you are out of luck unless you are a member of a hot BitTorrent site.

The ideal solution would be to distribute BitTorrent seed files on other P2P services such as eDonkey or Gnutella but those services currently don't handle indirections too well.  Once they do, the flood gate will open and it won't be just RIAA screaming but the Hollywood itself.