NetDynamics Day

I went to visit Doron Sherman's new startup, uAppoint, today.  I first met Doron at NetDynamics, a company he co-founded many years ago and sold to Sun.  Doron's last startup, Collaxa, was bought by Oracle back in June and here he was doing another startup instead of kicking back for a while in France or something.

When I got there, a building next to Palo Alto Airport where SEF (Software Entrepreneur's Forum) used to meet, I ran into Nanda Kishore who used to be VP of Engineering at NetDynamics.  I found out that he founded IM2 and his office was in the same building.

When I finally got to uAppoint's office, Doron told me that Ofer Ben-Shachar, another co-founder of NetDynamics, has an office for his latest startup (Topixis?) right next door.  I haven't seen Ofer in a long time but he was in Israel.  Too bad.  The joyful sound of heated arguments Ofer and I had while at NetDynamics still rings my ears.  Ears for Years, I guess.

So today turned out to be a NetDynamics reunion day of sort.  It seems that ex-NetDynamics guys are breeding like jack rabbits in the Silicon Valley.  Aside from Doron and Ofer, Zack Rinat is busy at Model N with Steve Zocci and Peter Yared started ActiveGrid with funding from Jean-Louis Gassée and Hummer Winblad.

I stopped by at my client's office on the way back and mentioned to a collegue about my NetDynamics Day to a collegue who mentioned that he knew Ofer in response.  Silicon Valley is a really really small world.