Squandering Squirrel

As I pulled into the driveway after an emergency visit to the dentist this morning, I saw this large black squirrel running away with a persimmon.  If it was cute, I wouldn't mind so much.  This one looks like a very large rat.

The worst part is that this squirrel squanders food, eating only parts of fruits from our yard and then abandoning them.  Our neighborhood raccoons eat them too but they only eat what they need and eat one completely before touching another.


While raccoons may not waste food, they sure make up for it in volume.  My wife told me today that many of the branches were broken and she found 65 stalk-ends at the bottom of the tree.  It must have been a family of hungry raccoons that did that.  Well, they are now a severely constipated family of raccoons.  Sweet.