Woes of Big Holidays

Egad.  One down, one more to go.  I hate big holidays because the big ones are actually three in one: Blah Eve, Blah itself, and After-Blah Sales Day.

On Blah Eve, my wife expects me to pay attention to her.  That means lots of kisses and lip service.  I wonder if the word Eve being the name of the first gal had something to do with this.

On the Blah Day, my wife expects me to pay attention to the family.  In modern terms, this means doing far more TV watching than my usual 30 minutes a day.  The worst part is that TV programming really sucks on such days.  Radio is even worse.

On the After-Blah Sales Day, my wife expects me to be invisible.  Actually she is the one that does the disappearing act from dawn til dusk.  If I happen to get up too early, I get the deathray look.  This morning, I got up just as she was putting on her shoes to go out shopping.  Oops.