URLCall on Nokia

Didier hacked together an implementation of URLCall on his new Python-enabled Nokia phone.  Cool!  He also used the word 'dial' to describe the concept which I think is better than 'call'.  So a new name for the concept could 'DialWeb' except that it's being used for another telephony project

[Update:  Why not come up with an entirely new word by smashing Dial and URL together?  Diurl!  I might have heard the word before in my past lives…perhaps during the French Revolution?  😉 ]

Anyway, unless I misunderstood, his implementation runs entirely on the phone, thus requiring phone number to URL database to be on the phone.  My ideal solution would use a server-side database accessed via a HTTP GET.  URLCall client on the phone needs to know only one URL.  With multiple HTTP redirection, you can even set up a hierarchical directory infrastructure on top of HTTP.

URLCall (level 1) looks at the first number and redirects to one of 10 Level 2 URLCall websites.  Level 2 URLCall websites looks at the second number and redirects again.  So on and so forth.  Net result is a sort of poor man's directory infrastructure spanning the globe.

A more practical version would reserve the top rows of the phone pad (1,2,3) and '0'  for special uses (i.e. anything start with 1 maps a personal URL like my bookmarks page) and then use the remainder plus the next three numbers to decide which Level 2 URLCall directory to route to.  Numbers starting with '0' is a way to call local numbers.  I think three HTTP redirects at the most is needed to address all the websites in the world with phone numbers.