Net-Parazzis: Copyright violation as business opportunity

Apparently, catching copyright violators is becoming a profitable business in Korea.  So called Net-parazzis (Net + Paparazzi) are prowling the Net in Korea to catch unsuspecting copyright violators anyway they can in return for a cut of the financial settlement between the copyright violator and the copyright holder.

One Net-parazzi business found 18,000 violators in the past 8 months.  Settlement fees range $500~$1000 for adults, $300 for university sutdents, and $100 for minors.  With split of 40% for Net-parazzi, 40% for the lawyers, and $20% for copyright holders, Net-parazzis are making decent profits.  So far there are 10 such companies but the number is expected to grow rapidly because Korea is full of smart net-savvy yet jobless youngsters.

Sources (in Korean language):

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