Unsmoking Day 3

As I expected, I started coughing today.  Actually, it's more like dry hacking like cats do before coughing up hair balls.  It's still not bad.  Also as expected, I am not able to concentrate nor listen too well as if I am distracted by a gang of invisible monkeys on my back.  There some good sides to being distracted.  For example, I keep forgetting about smoking.  It's like: Gosh.  I wish I could have a smoke just now…  Woo.  What's that shiny thing?

BTW, this little box of 168 Commit lozenges costs $80 according to my wife.  That works out to about 50 cents per lozenge.  Yikes.  They have a big enough surface to place some ads on them though.  AdPill?  Hmm.