Flu-ered 360

Nothing much going on because I am floored with a flu of sort.  Symtoms are severe muscle and stomach aches.  Constant intake of niccotine lozenges didn't help with my stomach either.  Is it just me or are flus and allergies seem more prevalent these days?  Maybe I should invest in kleenex manufacturers…

Oh yeah, I did notice 360 but don't have any comment other than that it seems just like Orkut with blogging thrown in.  Note that Orkut was not useful at all, not even from the revenue model point of view.  As to the blogging side, it the same old same.  What's going on in Korea now is more advanced than this.

OOPS.  Dave quoted a part of this post which got edited out.  Well, I'll just restore some of it.

Everyone seems to be copycats these days, like all the cats who wrote three-pane news aggregators.  It's the same with social networking services like Orkut, 360, Spaces…  What's wrong with you all?  Are you all assimilated or something?