WordPress: Lapse in Judgement

To me, what Matt did with WordPress is, without a doubt, a shameful act.  He had, in effect, pressed WordPress users into becoming unwitting accomplices in google bombing for financial gain using hidden content.  This is what Matt had to say about it:

The content in /articles is essentially advertising by a third party that we host for a flat fee. I'm not sure if we're going to continue it much longer, but we're committed to this month at least, it was basically an experiment. However around the beginning of Feburary donations were going down as expenses were ramping up, so it seemed like a good way to cover everything. The adsense on those pages is not ours and I have no idea what they get on it, we just get a flat fee. The money is used just like donations but more specifically it's been going to the business/trademark expenses so it's not entirely out of my pocket anymore.

Matt, stop babbling poor excuses like a teenager who just crashed his dad's car into a ditch.  No excuses can be made for that kind of shenanigan except a sincere admission of complete lapse in judgement.