Wolves Bite Each Other in the Ass

Linus of Linux fame knifes Tridgell of Samba fame and Perens the wolfherder tells Linus to stop talking nonsense and cool it.

A summary of what happened:

Tridgell saw a problem, hypocritical use of non-open source version control software BitKeeper to develop Linux, and moved to fix it by reverse engineering BitKeeper's proprietary protocol.

This upset McVoy, the keeper of BitKeeper and Linus's childhood friend.  Sharp exchanges between McVoy and Tridgell caused enough uproar for Linus to pull back on BitKeeper and then punch back at Tridgell for causing trouble where there was none from Linus' point of view.

Meanwhile, Perens who thinks inconsistency is a crime and everyone should sacrifice themselves for the wolfpack kicks Linus' ass.

I could use some buttered popcorn.