Life is a Game

I've been missing the World of Warcraft, so I took a trial dip into EverQuest II. EQII is a stinker when compared to WoW. I didn't particularly mind the long time it took to update the trial client but the first real gripe was that the view into the 'world' was not full screen like WoW was (visual suffocation). And the overall graphics as well as the UI sucked. Was it my imagination or did EQ2 felt more like a 3D version of Sierra Online's King's Quest games? Phew! With EQ2, Sony flushed their previous dominance in the MMORPG business down the toilet. They just don't get it and I doubt they ever will.

On the other hand, Blizzard needs to work hard to keep the players they have. For people like me, they should allow players to deep freeze characters, meaning I should be able to suspend my account for months without abandoning characters. While playing WoW, I raised enough characters to be tired of doing it again. I tried most of the quests appropriate for level 50 or less players and tried no less than ten race/class combos so I am not going to feel good returning to WoW if I had to start all over again. Besides, how much storage would it take to deep freeze a character?

Blizzard seems to be responding to user feedback though because I've heard that they are now allowing players to move characters between servers. I would have been happy if they allowed that only for level 60 characters. They should also introduce 'rides', meaning events characters can pay money to participate in. They should be highly controlled (dungeon masters!) and as fun as rollercoasters yet each one as unique and unpredictable as life on the edge can be. I think they don't even need to pay those dungeon masters. Let the dungeon masters pay to grind strangers into the ground. But then I don't think they are that smart. They are smart enough to beat the pants off Sony but not enough to make players scream with joy while spilling gold, minute by minute.