Korean Netizens Attack Dog-Shit-Girl

It began in a subway train with a girl whose dog made a mess on the train floor. When nearby elders told her to clean up the mess, she basically told them to fuck off. A nearby enraged netizen then took pictures of her and posted it, without any masking, on a popular website which started a nationwide witchhunt.

Within hours, she was labeled gae-ttong-nyue (dog-shit-girl) and her pictures and parodies were everywhere. Within days, her identity and her past were revealed. Request for information about her parents and relatives started popping up and people started to recognize her by the dog and the bag she was carrying as well as her watch, clearly visible in the original picture. All mentions of privacy invasion were shouted down with accusations of being related to the girl. The common excuse for their behavior was that the girl doesn't deserve privacy.

While the girl clearly behaved badly, those Korean netizens' behavior is even worse and inexcusably so. Abuse by the mob is indistinguishable from abuse by dictators yet they just don't see it in the heat of righteousness. Are they wary of ruining her life or hounding her into suicide? I doubt it. To quote some of them: her life deserves to be ruined and she won't kill herself because she is a thick-skinned bitch.



What would I have done if I was at the scene? I would have just cleaned up the mess without saying anything just like the elderly man did: mess is cleaned up and the girl, embarrassed at the right level.

Transparent society? It looks more like a society of gadget-wielding finger-pointers to me.


Dog 'Poop' Girl Redux is an excellent recount of the DSG incident and news trail that followed.