Scoble’s New Job Title: *

That asterisk is a wildcard, not a star. The way I see it, he has done amazing things for Microsoft inside and out. How he does it is just as amazing. He is to Microsoft what the Schrodinger's cat is to Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: his observations of Microsoft and the view of world beyond it changes the company itself, from the ground up!

So I think he should be freed from his Longhorn/TabletPC chains and let loose with simply the asterisk as his job title, meaning his role is to simply do what he has been doing for the company: the wildcard. He is smart enough to know when to swing and when to duck so I doubt he'll get into anything he can't get out of as long as the company knows he is just doing his job. I know he is not perfect but imperfect is part of his magic formula, whatever that is. Meow.