Korea Expected to Limit Online Anonymity

I haven't found any english versions of the news articles but Korean government officials have announced their intent that they are looking into ways to limit online anonymity in certain areas (i.e. portals) to curb verbal abuse, defamation, privacy violation, and cyber terrorism. Dog Shit Girl incident was mentioned as an example of privacy violation. According to polls, 60+% of the netizens think limiting online anonymity is a good idea while 30+% were against it.

Note that Korean net culture is different from US and Europe, often more extreme. Also, use of foul language in Korean culture has increased sharply since the introduction of Internet into Korean culture (a recent research conducted on Korean college students counted more than 17,000 unique foul expressions). 17,000? I am not sure if I should feel proud or sad.

Also the Korean government announced that they plan to shutdown email accounts and phone numbers of spammer.

Korea, the land of morning calm and no middle ground. You have too much gung-ho, grasshopper.