Bloggers as Journalists

This is an old popular topic but I thought I should state my opinion. I don't think bloggers are journalists. Journalists who maintain blogs are journalists. Bloggers who act like journalists are not journalists. Bloggers who gets journalists jobs are journalists. Clear enough?

Now that is done, let me state that I don't think any extra 'rights' journalists enjoy above and beyond what us non-journalists have should not exist in the eyes of the law. However, I think they should be allowed to keep what they, as an organized group, can and have forced others to give. We, the bloggers, just need to pull together and do the same.

In other words, we don't deserve anything we can't defend. Journalists have managed, overtime, to define and defend their territory. We can and will do the same over time. Meanwhile, claiming that bloggers are journalists will just cause confusions. We are something else despite the overlap in effects.