Ohjang-dong Naemyun Sauce Recipe

Ohjang-dong is a neighborhood in Seoul, Korea famous for spicy cold noodle named after the area: Ohjang-dong naeng(cold) myun (noodle). Ohjang-dong naengmyun is a type of Bibim (mixed) naengmyun which originated somewhere in mountainous Korean states (I am not sure exactly where). Whenever I am in Korea, I make sure to visit Ohjang-dong frequently just to eat the spicy noodle, even if I have to travel more than an hour. Yum.

Anyway, here is the recipe for the famous Ohjang-dong naengmyun with comments from my wife (don't ask how she got this supposedly secret recipe). The recipe is in Korean, btw. If someone else can translate it, I'll post that as well.