Crypto Interop

Most of this week was spent porting some Java code to .NET and debugging interop, crypto interop in particular. Definitely not my favorite type of work and it didn't help that .NET crypto library refuses to encrypt with weak keys. They are doing the Right Thing but it was a surprise for me because I don't think they are doing the Expected Thing which is to just do what I tell it to do regardless of what it thinks of the key.

Anyhow, that forced me to chase down why the keys were weak which uncovered other issues, blah blah. Chasing problems can be like pulling loose strings off a sweater: you might not have a sweater any more in the end. Thankfully, it wasn't so bad this time.

Just when I had all the clues and patches together, remote CVS and database I was working against went AWOL on me. Oh, well. It's now officially weekend so I think I'll go AWOL as well, perhaps do some six-pack induced meditations.