Hwae – Korean-style Sashimi

I love to eat raw fish. While I usually have to settle for sashimi, what I really crave is korean-style sashimi called hwae. I just got the craving for some hwae but it's difficult to find a good restaurant that serves it in the Bay Area.

This is what a plate of hwae looks like. While that looks like a lot of fish, a plate that size is usually shared among 3-4 adults. Cost wise, a plate like like what you see above costs around $80-120 these days.

Unlike sashimi, hwae is made with live fish which means you get to pick the fish you want before sitting down. Spicy sauce, garlic, hot pepper also makes hwae quite memorable, if you know what I mean. A plate of that and a few bottles of chungha (fine korean rice wine) is what I want for dinner every night. Yum!