Shocking Before and After Satellite Pictures of New Orleans

I couldn't quite grasp the magnitude of the disaster at New Orleans so I searched for satellite pictures and found them at GlobeXplorer. I couldn't believe what I saw: an entire city flooded.

Before Katrina (March 9th, 2005)

Courtesy of Digital Globe

After Katrina (August 31st, 2005)

Courtesy of Digital Globe

You have to compare the two in detailed image (click-through on the images above) for the full impact. All those houses, block after block, across the entire city, every each one of them some family's home. OMFG.

I think what they need is more immediate than donations. They need a nationwide convoy to deliver food, water, and supplies there and then use the cars to move people out of the area. They need volunteers with cars and trucks to go there and people to buy goods to fill those vehicles with. Is anything like that being organized?


Sad parade of pleas for rescue and reports of roaming armed gangs.