Splog Number vs. Experience

Dave Sifry writes that splogs consist of only 4.6% of blogosphere. I am not in the business of tracking such numbers so I don't know whether the numbers are right or not. However, my splog experience is definitely not jiving with his numbers.

Ego search, as Dave calls it, is what I most often used to find out who linked to me. Is it ego searching when a company searches for blog posts containing the company, product, or executive names? Anyhow, it's definitely broken since anybody can inject name and keywords into their post, relevant or not.

URL search doesn't help much either since injecting a link to me in a post is just as easy as injecting a name or keyword.

I can't help wondering how Technorati determines whether a blog is fake or not because it takes more than a glance for me to tell whether a blog is fake or not. I can't tell who wrote the posts. Anybody can loot posts from elsewhere as a whole or partially and post it to their own blog. I think link statistics is not conclusive enough either.

What I am trying to say is this: don't throw numbers at me; give me the experience I used to have before all the spam blogs and aggregators started appearing.