Korean Stem Cell Research: Act II

Looks like act II of an ugly drama has started. Now professor Hwang is being called a lier after some confessions were made by co-authors of the landmark Science paper.

From what I can tell, the confessions are not evidences of wrong doings but rather admissions that they added their names to the paper to share the limelight without the due dilligence required of co-authors. Also, the Korean media is being really sloppy and reporting shaky conclusions.

They should just wait for the scientific community to prove or disprove instead of perpetuating rumors and questionable confessions.


While I am still waiting for the final report from Seoul University, I've found an interview transcript which made the most sense to me. Unfortunately, the transcript is in Korean. In case you know Korean, here are the links:

Page 1, Page 2.

Update #2:

The interview mentioned above was pulled due to pressures from fellow scientists who got upset by some comments made during the interview. sigh What can I say except to say that they know not what they do.

Update #3:

Final investigation report from Seoul University was released today. Looks pretty bad. As to why Science published without independent verifications and why co-authors added their name to paper without verifying the contents of the paper, there are obviously some holes that need to be plugged. The media also played a major role in making of the fiasco.