Podcasting Wannabe

I've long thought about podcasting. But I have some 'baggages' I need to stow away before I get can started. Wait. That's not right. I can just do it and there is no one to stop me but I hate to fail in anything I do which I admit is ridiculous but haunts me nonetheless.

Here is my laundry list:

  1. I sound 'funny'. – I heard this one from my wife so I am pretty sure there is some validity to this and the best angle I can turn this is that I sound rather 'unique'. No kidding. No one who ever heard me speak ever mistake me for someone else when they hear me on the phone. Annoying yet partly satisfying, I have doubts as to whether my voice is 'consumable' without 'presence'.
  2. I have nothing to talk about. – It's true. When I am by myself, I sink 'into' myself, leaving nothing to output. People tell me I am very funny and that my jokes 'bites' but my humor 'happens' only when I am interacting with others and never in any planned fashion which erases any chance of monologues.
  3. I am too wise. – Huh? By 'too wise', I mean I expect all kinds of things and am rarely surprised which means my responses to world events is rather muted. To say something, I must want to say something which means whatever I want to talk about must be affecting me rather rigorously. But that happen so rarely. It's easier to expect El Capitain to jump up and down.
  4. I don't like replays. – Who likes saying same thing over and over? I sure don't. So who is going to come up with the material? I am sure subscribing to 1000 RSS feeds will do the trick but that feels rather inefficient.
  5. I am a terrible at being objective. – So true. Best I can manage at being objective is not giving a shit about whatever it is.

Anyway, this should be good protection against myself for a while. ;-P