Four Years of Blogging

I didn't realize until today that my fourth blogging anniversary passed last month. Wow. After four years, I am still impressed by how blogging enables a person to influence the world around him.

While bloggers tend to think in terms of link counts, I think it's interesting to see how far our words travel. For example, the term 'visual spoofing' now has 13,600 mentions. Terse words don't travel as far though. 'dog-shit-girl' has only 625 results while 'dog-poop-girl', media-friendly version from Washington Post, has 17,100 results.

Well, maybe some rapper will use the original version cuz it rolls off the tongue better.

Dog-shit-girl, o, dog-shit-girl

Kick her booty cuz she so snooty

Dog-shit-girl, o, dog-shit-girl


p dir=”ltr”>Hehe.