Work Ahead

Over this weekend, I am planning to replace dasBlog based blog-engine with my own newly revived blog engine, Daily. Expect trouble. 😉


Well, looks like I'll have to postpone the switcheroo til next weekend. I ran into an odd Lucene problem that scrambles the search index that I'll need to sleep on to figure out. There is also a layout problem with images in posts created with LiveWriter I would rather fix now.

Update 2:

Spent the afternoon fixing both problems and it's now working very nicely. Live Writer is working great too (color popped risque photos in test posts sure made testing more enjoyable!) but I think I'll extend XML-RPC API to support Movable Type API methods to enable a few more Live Writer functionalities. I haven't added Atom API yet because I haven't found a compelling reason to do so. Atom feed is there though. shrug

Update 3:

It took only an hour to add Movable Type API support. mt.supportedTextFilters and mt.getTrackbackPings are not supported though since first requires pluggable text filter feature which I don't support (yet) and I am just not interested in the later due to all the spam trackbacks.

Interestingly, Live Writer is much quicker at talking to my XML-RPC end point, probably because now it just calls mt.supportedMethods instead of having to poke around to discover what works.