Site Broken on IE7

brokenI just installed IE7 and this blog looks quite broken using that browser. Local development copy of the site looks fine though so I think it has to do with IE7 refusing to load CSS, JS, and image files from my site, probably something to do with P3P crap.
I am rather sleepy just now so I'll have to look at it in the morning. Urgh.
It's fixed now. HTML base tag was not working somehow on the remote site. More details in the comment.
Update 2:
Heck. My wife wants to drink some wine before bed so I have time to describe the odd behavior.
As you can see from View Source of this page, this page has a <base> element in its <head> element and it is set to Now the page URL for the front page is Now CSS, javascript, and image elements used relative URLs. For example, the feed icon's relative URL was "images/feed-icon-12×12.gif". Combined with the base URL, the feed icon's full URL should have been×12.gif but when IE7 was attempting to fetch the image from×12.gif. Notice that the page URL was used as base instead of the one in the base element.
Did I misread the spec or is this an IE7 bug? What's even stranger is that, when exact same content and code is run on my local machine, IE7 had no problem.