Daily: Cleanup Chores

Spent an hour making the page narrower (850 pixels) and fixing bugs. It used to be 1000 pixels wide but I found myself widening browser windows a little too often. 850 feels a little too cramped though. I'll have to play around with layout later. Maybe I'll add random CSS generator to make the chore more fun. Hehe.
Bugs fixed:

  • ' bug – they used to leak because I forgot that ' is not a HTML named character entity. Doh.
  • Commenter 'Remember Me' checkbox now works.
  • Navigation breadcrumbs are now part of the master page template and appears less ugly.
  • My face is back with my email address as link. I'll replace that with myIDspace link later.
  • Um. A bunch of bugs which I can no longer recall. kek.
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