Falling Off Dashboard

I found none of the widgets in OS X Dashboard useful enough to keep in memory (open Applications : Utilities : Activity Monitor to see) so I looked for a gentle way to close them. Dashboard has no visible menubar and there was only the + button to add a widget so I pressed that to see. Pressing the + button puts Dashboard in customize mode and places an X button on each running widget. What a laugh. I closed the four default widgets and, after playing a bit with rest of the available widgets, pressed "Manage Widgets : More Widgets" button. Hmm. Nothing. I ran the Activity Monitor to see what's going on. Nothing. Checking the dock, Activity Monitor was hopping but no window. Launching Firefox left it in the same situation, jumping on the Dock, and no window. I restarted Finder to see if that loosens the deadlock. Nope. Now the system was hung, displaying just the desktop background. Keeping the power button down for 3-5 seconds to restart the system got me out of the jam…

Polished crap is still crap.