Mac Font Smoothing and Large Displays

430hotFont display on MBP has a fuzzy wet-paper look which, while bearable, is not as good as ClearType. When displayed on my large screen (Dell 2407WFP) via VGA, fonts looked like the wet-paper has been dried in the sun, plain awful. Tweaking the font smoothing setting didn't help much which made me wonder if OS X Tiger is not properly optimizing subpixel rendering for Dell monitors. Display gets better using DVI but still not as good as the notebook display.
ClearType is just too good to dedicate the DVI port to MBP which means I'll have to look for a DVI port switcher or just bear the unbearable.
Update: I switched Mac to DVI and PC to VGA because I was spending more time on the Mac side. This improved Mac's display some and degraded PC display to Mac level of fuzzyness. It was then I noticed there was the AUTO-ADJUST option in 2407WFP menu. It appears in VGA mode but not in DVI mode. When I selected it, PC display in VGA mode sharpened! Fantastic.

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