Google Gook

This is too ridiculous. Google chose an online marketing consultant to reveal an unsubstantiated fluff claiming Google fraud rate is less than 2% and we are supposed to just believe them? Their numbers would be more believable if Google offered a decent prize to anyone who can beat their click-fraud protection into submission.
I don't like being pegged as a security expert and I don't mean to boast but, over the past six years, I've helped a client build a state of art fraud detection and risk analysis system that protects millions of people everyday and helped another client build an online payment authentication system that protects millions of transactions everyday. It's fun playing the Cowboy but, if Google offered enough incentives, I want to play the Indian. Heck, forget the prize and just let me keep what I can make from click-fraud.
With thousands of PhD's on their payroll, this should be a safe bet for Google if they felt so sure about those numbers, no?