MyBlogLog and Privacy

I recently registered my face at MyBlogLog because Fred Wilson's ongoing fangelism about the service finally got to me. In short, experience exceeded expectation.
I knew MyBlogLog was being used by many of the blogs I frequent but I didn't really notice them because my eyes would just slip around the faces like I would around ads. Until I my face showed up in the box, that is. Holy Cow! My own face is an irresistible personalized eyeball magnet! If my face showed up in ads I come across, I'll have a difficult time gliding past them like before. This can't be MyBlogLog's business model, can it?
After joining MyBlogLog (only as a reader for now), I started noticing the MyBlogLog box at blogs I visited and noting familiar faces there alongside mine. Ha. Loic found time to read this blog while fighting the Le Web shitstorm! Hmm. Who is this MyBlogLog stalker? Overall, MyBlogLog significantly enhanced my blogging experience.
But I have some privacy concerns. As far as I can see, I have no control over where my face appears. If I visited a porn blog and the blog used MyBlogLog, my face would be seen by other visitors. Yikes! I know that such situations are not likely because it's not in the porn blog's interest to embarrass visitors, but not having control over where one's face appears is a big concern IMHO.
I am pretty sure that Eric and others at MyBlogLog must have thought about this problem already. The question is what they are doing to address the problem.