Identicon: Third-Party Implementations

Third-party implementations and variations of Identicon are starting to appear. I'll add to this post as they appear.

    If you have an implementation or a variation of identicon, comment to this post to get added to this list.<br><br>
    To encourage others, I&apos;ve just uploaded <a href="//">Identicon version 0.2 source code</a> which has following changes:
           1. Cleaned up and refactored to remove unnecessary crap and simplified flow for improved readability. 
           2. Documented. I am still not happy with the level of documentation but at least it&apos;s getting better. 
           3. Description of how identicon is rendered from a previous post is included in doc folder.
           4. Fixed a color-related bug. This means your identicon color will be slightly different.
           5. IdenticonCache interface added to allow caching identicons. IdenticonServlet will check the cache if the full class name is provided using &apos;cacheProvider&apos; init-parameter. 
           6. Runtime jar file (com.docuverse.identicon.jar) is included.
         PS: Until I fix the dang CSS bug caused by indented blocks, you&apos;ll see some odd layout problems.