How Awful?

People who think Scoble is overreacting should read this cached post from Mean Kids:

Maryam Scoble – the internet's most annoying pregnancy

[DELETED: use the link to cache if you really need to see it for yourself because I can't stand having the filth on my blog any longer now that enough people have read it.] 

     That was a post at, not a comment. Who wrote it? Comment to the post by someone named Joey mentioned Frank. Not sure which Frank. [see update below] 
     Maryam is a sweet talented girl. "how now brown sow"? She doesn't deserve this kind of crap from chicken shits hiding behind free speech.
     It&apos;s good to see <a href="//" target="_blank">Doc Searls wading into this mess</a>. I hope he can make some sense of it all for us because I am too angry to even make the attempt. BTW, I am not angry at the people who wrote trash like above. Free speech is free speech and idiots will say idiotic things. I am angry at people who thought it was a good idea to create a site like MeanKids, a den of meanness-junkies disguised as intellectuals who robs sense of safety and acceptance from a pregnent woman to feed their addiction.

According to Mary Hodder who checked Bloglines cache, it was posted by Rev ED. An email from Frank Paynter also confirmed that it wasn't him. In fact, that very post prompted him to close down. My sincere apology to Frank Paynter for not being careful enough to prevent readers from assuming Frank wrote the post. As to who Rev ED or Joey might be, we'll probably never know because, according to Frank Paynter, the database has been destroyed.