Not All Fags Are Alike

How come Nick Denton can get away with saying San Carlos is for fags? Where is the uproar? Because it's a city? Then is it alright to say Oxford is for fags? The airport he talked about is just a stone throw from where I live, Redwood Shores, and my son goes to a jr. highschool in San Carlos. For that matter, is it even socially proper to resent his calling any vicinity of where I live a fag?
Hey, Nick. I think Valleywag permalinks are fagged. What's the point if they all redirect to the frontpage? BTW, put a cork in your Superman-fetish and stop stalking Kevin Burton. Frankly, I think you are more of a square than he is. And thanks for all the cool spots in SF you named but I wouldn't want to go near such Web 2.0 pussy lockers even if my life depended on it.
In case you are wondering, I felt like relieving some tax-related stress at the expense of Nick. I figured he can take it.