During my daily visit to Cute Overload, I noticed what looked like a plea for help. Clicking through, I ended up at site where there were two videos, one by the wife of the abducted man and another of the abduction taking place. The site and videos smelled fake but I didn't notice anything that clearly indicated that site is a marketing gimick by CourtTV.
I don't know who is responsible for this highly offensive marketing stunt but it disgusted me enough to never look at another CourtTV program. I am also unsubscribing from Cute Overload because they allowed this highly deceptive ad to run on their blog.
I guess marketing breeds intolerance too.
UPDATE: The 'plea' video is now clearly marked to indicate it's just a dramatization. Good. Their ad at CO still has nothing more than an easily overlooked gray Premium Ad link at the bottom. Even noticed, all that say is that someone paid for the ad, not that it's a game.