It's camping time again. This time it'll be Yosemite, not the valley but just outside. We have another Korean family joining us so we had to get two lots but valley camping is too competitive to get two side-by-side because the lots are snapped up too fast.
We haven't camped there before so we are going in blind. I hope the bears there are less noisy than the ones inside the valley (you can hear them breathing and sniffing heavily as they roam about the camp at night). If you just imagined me inside my sleeping bag clutching pots and listening to bears' phone-sex me into sleep, you got the picture. If you are planning to camp at Yosemite, avoid outer lots. It's a matter of danger but more a matter of sleeping soundly.
Speaking of sleep, we are leaving in a few hours but I couldn't sleep so I spent the early morning setting up a test server. I can't wait to have nothing to do but worry about bears. ;-p