Not Evil != Unselfish

While I am hoping that more companies open up their silos, I completely disagree that keeping walls around data, whether one owns it or not, is evil. In short, I disagree with efforts to tie moral implications to business attempting to protect themselves. Those who want walls around data silos torn down, including me, are not free from self-interest and I think it is only fair that people should fully disclose their interest before banging on the gates of silos.
IMHO, it's alright and, in the end, good for all to pursue self-interest regardless of which side of silo walls one stands. I think there are about as many reasons to reasons to keep as reasons to keep them up. Future say open but present say close. Near future say move carefully and, most importantly, don't let others dick you around.
It is very annoying to see people apply dime store morals to pursue their own interest, commerical or idealistic. There is no such thing as non-destructive change. Hell, even unasked for honesty like this post is destructive.

Note that lack of links in this post is intentional because I am only annoyed with the trend and not with the people involved.