Appily 0.8 Released

Appily 0.8 is out for Mac and Windows. Appily is an AIR app (AIR B3 required) that currently supports Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Flickr, and Facebook. You can download it here.


          The main feature of 0.8 release is introduction of agents. There are currently three types of agents:
          <ul><li>Echo Agent - echos messages from a source to an outlet. </li><li>Router Agent - creates a virtual outlet that routes messages to multiple outlets. </li><li>Ticker Agent - detects incoming messages containing stock ticker symbols and adds relevent links to financial sites (currently only Yahoo Financial is supported).</li></ul>
          For my own use, I have following agents working for me:
          <ul><li><em>Flicker2Twitter</em> echo agent monitors my Flickr feed for photos tagged &apos;tweet&apos; then echos it&apos;s title plus shortened Flickr link to my Twitter account.</li><li><em>Twitter2Others</em> echo agent monitors my Twitter account for messages from me then posts them to a <em>Others</em> outlet.</li><li><em>Others</em> router agent that posts incoming messages to my Jaiku and Pownce accounts.</li></ul>
                    Three agents works together so that, when I snap and mail a photo to Flickr using my iPhone, it will show up in Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce automatically as long as I have Appily running on my desktop at home. These agents are good examples of client-side web services which I think we&apos;ll be seeing a lot of in the future; services on the edge, if you will.
Anyway, please give it a whirl during the holiday season and contribute ideas or complaints via <a href="//">Appily Users</a> forum cuz, so far, I am my worst critic which is bad news.