Instant News

InstantNews is an idea that combines Instant Messaging with News.  A quick search on Google doesn't show up anything similar, but it is such an obvious twist of IM technology that it must be hiding behind all the noise surrounding common words like instant and news.

A news source such as MarketWatch avails itself as an InstantNews source by running one or more InstantNews server and by listing IM handle for each news category on their website, possibly situated near related news articles.  Interested users subscribe to an InstantNews category by adding appropriate InstantNews handle to their IM buddy list.  At this point, InstantNews server acts like a bot playing the role of a news anchor, discussion MC, pollster, and publisher.  Here are some of things it will do:

1. Report news so that each new event is assigned a persistent group chat room.

2. Subevents may create sub chat rooms.

3. All discussions are logged.

4. One or more registered volunteer or payed experts on news subject are invited to join the chat room automatically.

5. Tabulate popularity of opinions or interest by allowing participants to click on a statement or question entered by others.  Popularity of statements serve as an alternative form of polls.  Popularity of questions are used by experts to focus on popular issues.

6. Results are edited semi-automatically by a human editor and InstantNews to serve as a reactive component of a news event.

7. Serves ad banners, ad audio or blurts out tasteful textual propaganda like "Radio Rocks!".

Hmm.  Still missing something.  I'll address it later.  So far, only possibly unique idea is #5.  Its a neat way to implement informal polling and open-mike in IM.