Vulture Capital the Book

"Scott" talks about a book titled "Vulture Capital" by Mark Coggins and reviewed by Andrew Leonard at Salon.  Looks like a fun read.

I have had my own brushes with VCs, driving up and down Sand Hill Road and shaking a few trees while chanting hype words.  Frankly, it not exactly fun to utter words based on hope more than heart and filling spreadsheets with numbers that make me blush.

I also sit on the other side of the table occasionally, listening to entreprenuers make the Pitch.  On one hand, its a great feeling, like a bear sitting by a stream watching salmons swim by.  On the other hand, its annoying to hear people chant empty hype words and wave at fancy presentation filled with bullshit.  At the end of a day like that, I am usually left with a curious mix of accomplishment and emptiness.

"Scott" apparently owns  Oh oh, I am getting ideas again.  Being an entrepreneur is like being a Vampire, its in the blood.