Pissed Off

Why am I pissed off about?  Spam!  I get so many spams about penis enlargement that I am adding a Outlook rule to filter "penis" and "enlargement" in the subject.

Speaking of getting pissed, one of my father's friend, Kim Doo-Han, is arguably the most famous gangster in Korean history.  He is so famous that several movies and TV dramas have been made; most recent one is currently being broadcasted.  What does he have to do with getting pissed off?  Well, he eventually became a Korean Congressman and, during one particular Congress session, he poured a barrel full of pig urine all over the Korean Congress because he was pissed off about all the dirty politics going on.  He is gone now, but he is my kind of a guy.  Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase pissed off, eh?

I hope you all had a great weekend.