PointClip : A New UI Mechanism

Lately, I had trouble using cut-copy-paste via keyboard.  I don't know whether the problem is with my left pinky finger or the control key, but I frequently end up with C instead of control-C.  This is very annoying since I use cut-copy-paste everyday countless times.  So I started thinking about better clipboard UI mechanism.  When I woke up this afternoon (ahem ;-), I found PointClip, both the idea and the name, in my head.

PointClip is a fixed size FIFO clipboard containing objects selected or activated by the user using the mouse.  As you click and drag on pieces of text, hyperlinks, and files, objects or references those objects are entered into PointClip as old objects are removed to make room.  It works as if the cursor has memory: most recent stuff my cursor touched.  No more control-C for copying things.  Control or shift key modifier can be used to distinguish cut from copy.

Paste operation is initiated by holding the right mouse button down for a period longer than normal mouse click.  A popup menu of items in PointClip is displayed.  Selecting any of the item will cause that item to be pasted in.

Until I build a prototype, I won't know how well this will work, but it seemed useful enough to share.