Open Letter to Jeremy Allaire

Dear Jeremy,

I would like to ask you to put following two features into Flash that will impact both Macromedia and the Web tremendously.  Here are the features:

1. User Control over Flash Content Feed (aka Slap Button)

It's simple, give web surfers a button somewhere on the browser toolbar that will disable flash content from the particular site currently  being viewed. If more than one site is involved, disable them all.  If flash content is being blocked already, the button should provide some feedback showing there is flash content available, so those who enjoy being annoyed can do so.

2. Cryptography Support

Add crypto support to Flash that can be used for encryption/decription, digital signature, strong authentication, and other cryptographic applications.  The business world needs zero-install clients with cryptographic features: online payment companies, banks, financial institutions, law firms, hospitals, acounting firms, B2B companies, auctions.  The list goes on an on.

Need a document signed?  Just convert the PDF to Flash and embed digital signature code that uses Flash's built-in crypto functions.  Encrypted web-based mail (see Identity-based Encryption) and secure web-storage also become possible using Strong Flash.  New online payment technologies like Verified-by-Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, PayPal, and Bill Me Later as well as B2B e-commerce technologies can also take advantage of Strong Flash to strongly authenticate transactions without requiring the users to install software.  PassPort and Project Liberty can benefit as well.


Don Park