Neverwinter Christmas Nights

I have always enjoyed games.  Beside being fun to play, games are fun to develop and game market is one of the most interesting ones.  Yes, competition is fierce and profits are hard to come by if you are relying entirely on creativity, but there is more respect for craftmanship in the game market than in any other markets.  Being recession-proof also doesn't hurt either.  Just look at Electronics Art.

This Christmas, I am playing Bioware's Neverwinter Nights (NWN) which is considered the first true electronic adaptation of Dungeon & Dragon pen-and-paper game system.  With it, you can create your own D&D modules using drag-and-drop and host it on Internet.  Dungeon Master (DM) is supported as well.  You can also craft and script practically anything so you can see what a bazooka will do to a dragon.  Some have taken the spicier route, introducing string bikini and bouncing body parts.  Its an amazing game that is a must for D&D players.

NWN takes a small group approach to multiplayer games than massive multiplayer approach taken by EverQuest or Ashlon's Call.  Since NWN game servers can be linked together to form a massive world, one can say NWN takes the distributed approach where EverQuests takes the centralized approach to multiplayer gaming.  True difference is in the way Dungeon Masters brings the game alive.  Ho Ho Ho.