PGP 8.0 download links got fixed and the entire site got overloaded.  Luckily, I was able to download and install.  It seems more user friendly than older versions.  It installed a service named PGPsdkService although PGP 8.0 SDK was not released today.  Its interesting to note that PGP 8.0 doesn't support Windows 95 which still has 3% marketshare but does support Macintosh OS X which has a fraction of 2% marketshare enjoyed by Macintosh.  Blame it on momentum and coolness.  Now, all I need is the SDK to start playing with PGP 8.  I'll have to support GPG too but money follows money so I must follow PGP 8 first.


I have been looking into PGP and GPG lately with an eye toward supporting them in an upcoming digital signature software I am designing.  All the different versions of PGP out there is pretty confusing.  PGP developer information is pretty lame also.  PGP 8 is supposed to be released today along with source code, but broken links and delayed SDK makes its release a non-event.  GPG is apparently pretty solid but its GPL-based and installation sucks.

My Father’s Autobiography

My father's autobiography is finally out.  Unfortunately, the book is written in Korean, so only those of you with 'Korean software' installed upstair can 'run' it.  If you are, you can order the book at or

Title of the book translates roughly to "Arrest Corrupt President First."  It talks about my father's encounters with former dictators, presidents, revolutions, coup d'etat, etc.  His account of a 'man-to-man' meeting with Park Chung Hee, the former dictator of Korea is particularly outrageous.