Playing with java.nio

Today I am playing with java.nio, a new feature in JDK 1.4+ for non-blocking I/O and more like memory-mapped file.  I hacked together a simple HTTP server and am in the middle of load testing it.  After that I'll hoist Servlet-like API on top of it and do some more load testing.  Like everyone else, I haven't had much chance/excuse to play with java.nio, so this is good.  There are only a handful of java.nio-based software out there, one of them being UberMQ, a JMS implementation.  Jetty seems to be using it only in its load balancer.  Desktop web servers and proxies have to be pretty frugal with expensive system resources like threads and java.nio can cut down thread use drastically.  Its amazing how many busy a browser can get network-wise.  Just check your browser cache after an hour of browsing and you'll see what I mean.